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Building Enclosures

Timber|Mass Timber

Robotic Fabrication


Millwork Components

Off-Site | Prefabricated | High-Performance

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Enabling a close integration between the virtual fabrication environment, factory production, and site construction.

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Prefabricated Building Systems, Timber|Mass Timber, and Millwork Products

Providing high-quality and performance construction components for building professionals.

Tektoniks ensures all building professionals use the most efficient, effective and quality components through application of proven-systems and world-class manufacturing.

What We Build

From durable building enclosures to robotic fabrication for mass timber projects.

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Building Systems Components

Panelized enclosure systems available in insulated walls and roof, and uninsulated interior walls.

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Timber Fabrication

Robotic fabrication for timber components and mass timber projects.


Millwork Components

Millwork components scaled to fit for your designs.

Transforming The Building Industry

We fabricate to your configurations for Wall, Floor Systems, mass timber, and finish components

Tektoniks ensures all building professionals use the most efficient, effective and quality components through application of proven-systems and world-class manufacturing.

How It Works

Automated production lines and manufacturing machines are ready for any fully engineered drawings that have been designed according to Tektoniks specifications. Fabrication of components is rapid and precise. Shipments will arrive in as little as two to three weeks.

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Your Design

Check in with us for the latest design specifications or Revit templates. Complete your design and submit to Tektoniks for a maximum of two quotes for each project. Fees apply for more than two quotes for the same project.

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Fabricate to Your Spec

Fabrication begins when completed, stamped drawings are submitted. Long lead materials such as specialty timbers or windows can delay fabrication. Automated manufacturing reduces errors and overall production time. The 3rd party quality control system ensures compliance with state and federal regulation for panelized enclosures.

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Ship and Install

Finished components are wrapped and shipped directly to the construction site. We will work with you to ensure that you have adequate equipment to unload and erect the components, secure site storage for components, and installation training for site labor crews.

Shipping From

Southwestern New Hampshire

Our automated production lines are ready for your fully formed building designs. Fabrication is rapid and will meet your project goals. Shipments will arrive in two to three weeks.

Building Systems

Production Facility

25 Production Ave
Keene, New Hampshire 03431

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Benefits to Architects and Builders

Precise Manufacturing. Improved Cost Management

Factory Production

Automated production produces building components and structural elements.

Virtual Fabrication

The direct line from design to fabrication reduces the possibility of error, enabling a close integration between the factory and construction site.

Less Waste

Decreasing waste by volume optimization and recycling reduces the environmental impact of construction.

Precise Manufacturing

Accurate off-site manufacturing results in increased productivity, higher quality control, and improved cost management.

Scaled Building Efficiencies

Transforms the traditional building cycle by removing time and costs from development and construction.

Discover the Advantages of Prefab Construction.

virtual fabrication

Virtual Build

Computerized manufacturing equipment, or robots, rely on data for every step of the process, including onsite assembly. The 3D model is used to cut every piece of timber to the correct size and specify details including nailing, routing, and strapping. All phases of the workflow - from design to site installation - correlate to virtual fabrication.

3D Models

Virtual Fabrication

Design Patterns

Standardized library of parts and components

Prefab Build

Manufactured efficiently and with precision

Virtual Fabrication

The Building Information Model

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Automated Project Management

Information throughout the build process on costs, supply chain, and shipping.

Components built to any specification

Talk with our consultants today and find the right solution for your next project.

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