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Fire Tower Engineered TImber

Bringing a modern perspective to a time-honored craft.

Timber Cutting and Woodworking

Fire Tower Engineered Timber (FTET) specializes in timber design and engineering. The company’s goal is to advance the science of timber engineering and create new possibilities in the realm of post & beam construction.


FTET designed a new custom residence for their client that incorporated rarely used 55’ glulam rafters, made of Douglas Fir, that would be difficult to manage and cut in most timber frame shops. They also designed a single-stringer arched timber staircase with double curved corbels set into the stringer to support each step. The unique timber design required advanced precision cutting capabilities in order to be assembled easily on-site.


The single arched stringer for the stairs couldn’t be easily recognized by the Robot-Drive’s cutting tools because it didn’t have a square shape. The Robot-Drive needs a squared off starting point to grasp and establish the positioning for each cut. To solve this, Bensonwood’s timber framers developed and cut a long square sled to encase the stringer. Once positioned correctly, the Robot-Drive was able to cut each slot for the double-curved corbels that FTET had designed for the staircase.

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Fire Tower Engineered Timber

Project Details

Components & Specifications

  • Year


  • Location


  • Project Type

    Timber frame
    Mass timber rafters

  • Building Services Used

    Robotic timber cutting
    CNC machined woodworking
    Complex wood joinery

Creative Use for THe industry's best tools

“At Fire Tower, we pride ourselves on being able to work with timber framers and fabricators to solve seemingly impossible puzzles of mortise and tenon joinery. We can outsource timber cutting to Tektoniks and know that our designs will receive the attention to detail required for success.”

Duncan McElroy, P.E, structural engineer Fire Tower Engineered Timber

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