Module Housing constructing its first, adaptable energy efficient home for a customer and releasing a new line of home designs.

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Your home, designed to grow with you.

Module Home #1

A single-story, 880 square foot, one bedroom one bathroom unit, designed using passive house principles and built in Tektoniks factory in southwestern New Hampshire. Module is also releasing a new line of home designs, which are priced from $150,000 - $300,000 excluding land and site costs. The company has received approval to build a second home in Pittsburgh’s east end, which it is seeking to pre-sell this fall.


Module, a Pittsburgh based design and build company, has a business model that offers energy efficient homes that are also long-term housing solutions. This means that each home needs to be durable, adaptable, and resilient to housing market volatility.


Materials and methods associated with site construction can vary and are subject to many uncontrollable factors. Unreliable labor, materials, and schedules add significant risk to Module’s lifecycle housing solution.


By using Tektoniks panelized components, Module achieves quality control and financial predictability on their projects. And because the components are part of a panelized system, they quickly adapt to Module’s design platforms. Further, Tektoniks panels are durable and can be expanded upon to accommodate additions.

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Project Details

Components & Specifications

  • Year


  • Location

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Project Team

    NK Architects
    Nelcon Inc Contractors

  • Project Type

    Energy efficient single-story designed using passive house principles

  • Building Components Used

    Wood fiberboard 8 walls

    R32 Wood Fiberboard 8 Wall Panel

21st-Century Building Construction

“Our homes are designed to grow and adapt in response to the homeowner’s needs, Tektoniks panels are constructed using 21st-century technology and made with healthy, high performing materials, ensuring our homes are both durable and flexible."

Brian Gaudio, CEO of Module

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