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Standardized Quality

Protecting The Investments of Professionals

TEKTONIKS standardizes quality. Third party verification, by TR Arnold, provides state agencies and consumers confirmation that engineering, code compliance, and off-site construction adheres to specifications.

Third Party


Third party inspection agency TR Arnold certifies the quality control program of all components built off-site. Full reports are available to the entire project team. In-house quality control staff conduct regular audits and inspections.

Quality Certified


TR Arnold has “Quality Certified” the entire production facility for panelized enclosures with a precise annual review of all procedures. This inspection includes equipment improvement and calibration logs, material storage, and material control, all of which maintain compliance with quality certification.

Product Line


Quarterly, all product on the line is inspected for overall quality, adherence to engineering specifications and approved operating procedures. Each component produced receives a thorough review to prevent defects at each stage of production.

Third Party Agency

Certification and Inspection


TR Arnold is an In-Plant Inspection Agency (IPIA), offers inspection services for every local, state and national organization which recognizes such services. The management and staff of T. R. Arnold & Associates, Inc. are committed to providing a level of service which meets and, where possible, exceeds the expectations of both regulatory authorities and clients.

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