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The Solution for Timber, Laminated Glulam, and Cross-Laminated Timber Fabrication

The Hundegger joinery machine combines the advantages built on the manufacturing experience from thousands of machines in production with an entirely new concept. The ROBOT-Drive is a single station 6-axis advancement of the K2 Joinery machine able to process all six sides of a component without rotation. Modular and highly adjustable, the ROBOT-Drive has endless fabrication capabilities.

6 Axis Robot-Drive 1250

Advanced 6-side processing timber fabrication

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How It Works

Our automated production lines are ready for your fully formed timber and mass timber designs. Fabrication is rapid and will meet your project goals. Shipments will arrive in two to three weeks.

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Your Design

Your fully developed plans using the Tektoniks formatting with Revit models. Engineered stamped drawings with Tektoniks connection details. Tektoniks quotes a maximum of two versions for each project. Fees apply for additional quotes for the same project.

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Fabricate to Your Spec

Your components are built to the provided specifications. The automated manufacturing reduces errors and overall production time.

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Ship and Install

Finished wrapped components ship to the construction site. Equipment to unload and erect components are required. Adequate site storage for components and site labor crew with knowledge of the installation process are needed.

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Machine Capabilities

6-Axis ROBOT-Drive

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High Flexibility

Ability to configure for complex cutting and joinery

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Timber Length

Can cut any length timber, limited only by the size of the building, currently we have cut timbers up to 55' long

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Tool Magazine

The ROBOT-Drive's tool magazine has over 16 tools at its disposal allowing for unlimited cutting possibilities.

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Precise Cutting

Precision cutting for smooth joints with minimized tear out

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Timber Width

Can cut timbers up to 48" wide

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Extended Fabrication

Ability to cut shear plates and predrill for countersinks or screws

Discover the Advantages of Robotic Timber Fabrication.

Fabrication Standards

Raw Materials

Tektoniks provides timbers with package pricing based on project size. Clients can provide their own raw timber components, but they must meet the following requirements.

Current Raw Materials list

Timber| Engineered Timber

  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT)

  • Glue-laminated timber

  • Douglas fir

  • Southern yellow pine

  • Eastern white pine

  • Hemlock

  • Western red cedar

  • Port Orford cedar

  • White oak

  • Red oak

Timber Component

Condition Must Be

Trim length available
No more than ⅛ inch out of dimension


Cannot Have

Ice or snow


Cannot Contain

Ice or snow

Component Library

Rafter plates
Summer beams
Longitudinal millings
Any birdsmouths
Dovetail tenon

Timber Truss + Kits

King post truss
Modified king post truss
Queen post truss
Hammer beam truss
Modified hammer beam truss
Scissor truss
Curved bottom cords
Custom trusses



Vermont Natural Coatings clear coat finish is as an optional step if specified by the client.


Next Steps

Related information for document standards, shipping to site information, and cost details.

For architects, developers, and builders wanting to learn more about our document standards, additional services for engineering and site delivery, and cost estimations. 

Our Specifications


Document Standards

Submitting your designs to Tektoniks document standards

Drawings and Plans

Clients submit engineered and fully developed drawing plan set with Revit models if possible. Engineered stamped drawings need to use Tektoniks connection details.

Additional Services

We offer additional assistance, reviews, and design|engineering services through Bensonwood for an added cost.


Shipping and Site Assembly

Shipping from our production facilities to client site

Shipping and Freight

All shipping costs for building systems components are freight on board at Tektoniks manufacturing facilities in Keene and Walpole, New Hampshire. All outbound finished timber products ship sealed in a protective wrap for transport. Tektoniks unloads all inbound freight and loads outbound freight. Client absorbs storage fees for any components left in our staging area longer than agreed upon in the contract.

Construction Site Requirements

  • Equipment to unload and erect components
  • Site storage
  • An adequate area to unload
  • Site labor crew with knowledge of off-site fabricated component installation

Additional Services

Tektoniks offers on-site assistance for added costs.


Cost Details

Estimating, component cost, and payment structure


Tektoniks quotes a maximum of two versions for each project. Fees apply for additional quotes of the same project.

Building Component Cost and Project Templates

  • Square foot rough order of magnitude pricing
  • Project type scale
  • Site costs

Payment Structure

  • Deposit
  • Production commences payment 40%
  • Production complete payment 50%

State Panelization Laws

Clients sole responsibility to ensure they meet all state and federal laws in the build area.

Unparalleled Services

Offering a range of building products throughout North America using 40 years of proven design|build experience through Bensonwood and Unity Homes.

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